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Clearly Communicate Total Compensation and Improve Your Employee Retention Rates

Ensuring that you retain top talent is essential to your company’s success. Fortunately, providing employees with a clear understanding of their total compensation and potential growth at your company is a win-win for everyone. 

Get in touch to learn how Welcome can help you reduce attrition and revolutionize the way total rewards are communicated.

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Our Total Rewards platform equips your team with the ability to:

  • Equip employees with tools to visualize their growth as your company grows
  • Provide educational guidance about equity and the role it plays within total compensation
  • Take your international team to new heights by managing employee salaries and/or bonuses in over 30 global currencies
  • Collaborate with team members to ensure the right people can access and manage total rewards
  • Do away with manual processes thanks to 100+ seamless payroll and cap table integrations

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See What Our Customers Have to Say


“With Welcome, we present ourselves much more holistically and cleanly to our candidates. We can tell a clearer story around our equity and bring a more branded approach to our offers. We couldn’t do that when we were navigating offers manually."
-Anthony Fowler, Director, Recruiting and People Operations, Teachers Pay Teachers


"Welcome has had a huge impact in helping us communicate both our compensation philosophy to candidates in addition to helping them better understand their individual opportunity and upside in being an owner in Loop." 
-Kelly Nestor, VP of People at Loop


"Our employees love being able to access their total rewards dashboards powered by Welcome.It helps our entire team better understand their compensation, potential value of their ownership, and what their financial future at Gatsby looks like."
-Maddie Wolf, VP of Operations at Gatsby

Reduce Attrition and Retain Top Talent with Welcome